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  P. Romano, A. Manniello et al. Nucl Acids Res 2009 37:D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105

Short description of ECACC cell lines included in HyperCLDB

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1184 (human, skin, fibroblast)
1221 (human, skin, fibroblast)
1306 (human, skin, fibroblast)
1321N1 (human, brain, astrocytoma)
142BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
143B (human, bone, osteosarcoma)
149BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
153BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
155BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
161BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
171BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
174BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
175BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
180BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
1BR.3.G (human, skin, fibroblast)
1BR.3.GN (human, skin, fibroblast)
1BR.3.N (human, skin, fibroblast)
1BR3 (human, skin, fibroblast)
200D (human, ovary, adenocarcinoma)
208F (rat, Fisher, fibroblast)
23CLN (bovine, lymph node)
253D (human, ascitic fluid, adenocarcinoma)
26 CB1 (baboon, Papio hamadryas, lymphoblast)
293 (human, kidney, embryonic)
293 N3S (human, kidney, embryonic)
3.334 SC5/8 (mouse / rat, hybrid)
311 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
31F4L (monkey, African green, kidney)
33B (rat, neural, oligodendroglioma)
3A sub E (human, placenta)
3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
3T3 L1 (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
3T3 Swiss Albino (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
3T3(+3) (mouse)
3T3-MSV (mouse, Swiss 3T3, embryo)
3T6-Swiss Albino (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
4/4 RM-4 (rat, Fisher, pleura, visceral, mesothelium)
416B (mouse, (C57BL/6xDBA/2)F1, blood, leukemia)
45.6.TG1.7 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
4647 (monkey, vervet, kidney)
46Br.1G1 (human, skin, fibroblast)
46BR.1N (human, skin)
5637 (guinea pig, 2/N, fetal)
59M (human, ovary, carcinoma)
6-23 (clone 6) (rat, WAG/RIJ, thyroid, medullary, carcinoma)
60H9(9)D10.E6 (human, B cell, chronic Hepatitis C)
707 DAP10 (mouse, blood, leukemia, Friend)
707B1011C3 (mouse, DBA/2, blood, leukemia, Friend)
70Z/3 (mouse, (C57BL/6xDBA/2)F1, blood, leukemia, pre-B cell)
745C2 (mouse, blood, erythroleukemia, lymphoblast)
81.3 (human, lymphoblast)
8305C (human, thyroid, carcinoma, undifferentiated)
84BR (human, skin, fibroblast)
8505C (human, thyroid, carcinoma, undifferentiated)
92BR (donkey, testis)
94022802 (tick - hyalomma anatolicum, ludhiana, embryo)
A 172 (human, nervous system, glioblastoma)
A-72 (dog, golden retriever, thigh, not defined tumor)
A.704 (human, kidney, adenocarcinoma)
A10-85 (rat, BDIX, brain, glioma)
A15 (rat, BDIX, glioma)
A2 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
A2058 (human, skin, melanoma, metastatic)
A2780 (human, ovary, carcinoma)
A2780cis (human, ovary, carcinoma)
A2H (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
A375 (human, skin, malignant melanoma)
A431 (human, skin, carcinoma, squamous cell)
A549 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma)
A6 (toad, South African, kidney)
A673 (human, nervous system, rhabdomyosarcoma)
A7r5 (rat, DB1X, aorta thoracic, embryonic)
A8/DI (mouse, AKR, thymoma)
A9 (mouse, C3H/An, areolar and adipose)
A9HT (mouse, C3H, areolar and adipose, carcinoma)
AC2 (mouse, lymphoblast)
ACHN (human, Caucasian, kidney, adenocarcinoma)
Aedes aegypti (mosquito - Aedes aegypti, larvae)
Aedes albopictus (mosquito - Aedes albopictus, larvae)
AGLCL (human, Caucasian, lymphocyte, B)
AGS (human, Caucasian, stomach, adenocarcinoma)
AHL-1 (hamster, Armenian, lung)
AK-D (cat, lung, embryonic)
AKR-2B (mouse, AKR, embryo)
Amdur II (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, methylmalonicacidemia)
Ampli-GPE (mouse, NIH Swiss, embryo)
Anr4 (rat, F344/Ducrj, liver)
Antheraea cells (moth - Antheraea eucalypti, ovary)
AR42J (rat, pancreas, pancreatic tumor)
ARH 77 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, plasma cell)
ARL-6 (rat, Wistar, liver, hepatoma)
ARLJ 301-3 (rat, F344/Ducrj, liver)
AT-1 (rat, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
AT-3.1 (rat, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
AT6.1 (rat, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
ATHOS (pig, thyroid)
AtT-20/D16v-F2 (mouse, pituitary gland, pituitary tumor)
AtT20 (mouse, LAF1, pituitary tumor)
AV3 (human, amnion)
B/C.Sk (mouse, skin, fibroblast)
B12 (rat, nervous system, tumor)
B14FAF28-G3 (hamster, Chinese, peritoneal cells)
B16 melanoma 4A5 (mouse, C57BL/6, skin, melanoma)
B16-F0 (mouse, skin, melanoma)
B16-F1 (mouse, skin, melanoma)
B2.Sp (bovine, bos taurus cow, spleen)
B3/AN (mouse, AKR, thymus, thymoma)
B50 (rat, nervous system, nervous tissue glial tumor)
B6/FA (mouse, AKR, thymus, thymoma)
B65 (rat, nervous system, nervous tissue neuronal tumor)
B82 (mouse, C3H/An, areolar and adipose)
B9 (mouse, spleen, hybridoma, B cell)
B92 (rat, nervous system, nervous tissue glial tumor)
B95-8 (monkey, marmoset, blood)
BAE-1 (bovine, Freisian cow, aorta, endothelium)
BALB/3T12-3 (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
BAOEC (bovine, lung, endothelium)
BB (fish - Brown Bullhead, trunk)
BC3H1 (mouse, brain, brain tumor)
BCL1 Clone CW13.20-3B3 (mouse, BALB/c, blood, leukemia, B cell)
BE(2)-C (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
BE(2)-M17 (human, Caucasian, neural, neuroblastoma)
BE10-7 (rat, BDIX, brain, premalignant)
BE10-Intermediate (rat, brain, fetal, premalignant)
BE10-Late (rat, BDIX, fetal brain, brain malignant)
BE11 (Early) (rat, BDIX, brain, fetal)
BeWo (human, placenta, choriocarcinoma)
BF-2 (fish - bluegill fry, caudal trunk)
BFA (bovine, aorta, endothelium)
BGM (monkey, African green, kidney)
BHK 21 (clone 13) (hamster, golden Syrian, kidney)
BHK 21 CL13(IZS) (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
BHK 21 STRAIN 31 (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
BHK 21 STRAIN 35 (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
BHK 21 STRAIN 38 (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
BHK TK- (hamster, golden Syrian, kidney)
BHK/AC9 (hamster, golden Syrian, kidney)
BHK21C13-2P (hamster, golden Syrian, kidney)
BHK21C13-3P (hamster, golden Syrian, kidney)
BL-3 (bovine, bos taurus cow, lymph node, leukemia)
BLO-11 (mouse, moblo/y, muscle, hereditary emphysema)
BME/CTVM 4 (tick - boophilus microplus, paquera, egg)
BPAEC (bovine, lung, endothelium)
BRISTOL 8 (human, blood)
BRL 3A (rat, buffalo, liver)
BRL-1 (rat, buffalo, liver)
BS1-B4 (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
BSC1 (monkey, African green, kidney)
BT (bovine, turbinate)
Bu (IMR-31) (buffalo, lung)
Bu25 TK- (human, cervix, carcinoma, cervical)
BUD-8 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast)
BW1J (mouse, liver, hepatoma)
BW5147.G.1.4.OUA/R.1 (mouse, AKR/J, blood, lymphoma)
BW5147.G.1.4.OUAR.1 (mouse, AKR/J, blood, lymphoma, T cell)
BxPC-3 (human, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
C-4 II (human, Caucasian, cervix, carcinoma, cervical)
C-4I (human, Caucasian, cervix, carcinoma, cervical)
C127I (mouse, RIII, mammary gland, mammary tumor)
C1300 CLONE NA (mouse, neural, neuroblastoma)
C16 (human, lung, embryonic)
C2 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
C2-Rev 7 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
C211 (human, Caucasian, skin, cri du chat syndrome)
C2C12 (mouse, C3H, muscle)
C32 (human, skin, melanoma, amelanotic)
C3H/MCA clone 16 (mouse, C3H, embryo)
C57/B1 (mouse, C57B1/6J, skin, melanoma)
C6 (rat, neural, glial tumor)
C6/CH (mouse, AKR, thymus, thymoma)
C8166 (human, blood, leukemia, T cell)
Ca Ski (human, Caucasian, cervix, carcinoma, epidermoid)
CA46 (human, ascitic fluid, lymphoma, Burkitt)
CACO-2 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
CAKI 2 (human, Caucasian, kidney, carcinoma)
CALU 1 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, epidermoid)
CAR (fish - goldfish, fin)
CC-1 (rat, Wistar, liver)
CCD 13Lu (human, Black, lung)
CCD 16Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD 18Lu (human, Black, lung)
CCD 19Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD 25Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD 8Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD-11Lu (human, Asiatic, lung)
CCD-29Lu (human, Black, lung)
CCD-32Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD-33Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD-34Lu (human, Black, lung)
CCD-37Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCD-39Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
CCF-STTG1 (human, Caucasian, brain, astrocytoma)
CCO (fish - Ictalurus punctatus (catfish), ovary)
CCRF S-180 II (mouse, CFW, sarcoma)
CCRF-CEM (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)
CCRF-HSB-2 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic T cell)
CCRF-SB (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)
CESS (human, lymphoblast, leukemia, myelomonocytic)
CF2Th (dog, thymus)
CFPAC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
CGR8 (mouse, 129, embryo)
Chang Liver (human, liver)
CHH-1 (fish - Onchorynchus keta (chum), heart)
CHL (hamster, Chinese, lung)
CHO (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHO-K1 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHO-K1/SF (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHO/dhFr- (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHP 3 (M.W.) (human, Black, skin, galactosemia)
CHP 4 (W.W.) (human, Black, skin, galactosemia)
CHSE-214 (fish - salmon, embryo)
CII (mouse / human, hybrid)
Citrullinemia (human, Caucasian, skin, citrullinemia)
CL-S1 (mouse, BALB/c, mammary alveolar nodules, preneoplastic)
CLC (fish - carp, cyprinus, leukocyte)
Clone 1-5c-4 (human, conjunctiva)
Clone 15 HL-60 (human, Caucasian, leukemia, promyelocytic)
Clone 707 (mouse, DBA/2, blood, leukemia, Friend)
Clone 81 (cat, kidney)
Clone 9 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, liver)
Clone C6/36 (mosquito - Aedes albopictus, larvae)
Clone M-3 (mouse, (CxDBA) F1, skin, melanoma)
CMT 93 (mouse, C57BL/ICRFat, rectum, carcinoma)
CMT64/61 (mouse, C57BL/ICRF, lung, carcinoma)
CMT93/69 (mouse, C57BL/ICRFat, rectum, carcinoma)
CNC 127I (mouse, RIII, mammary gland, mammary tumor)
COLO 201 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 205 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 320 DMF (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 320DM (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 320HSR (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 357 (human, lymph node, metastasis, adenocarcinoma, pancreas)
COLO 668 (human, lung, carcinoma, oat cell)
COLO 677 (human, lung, carcinoma)
COLO 679 (human, skin, melanoma)
COLO 684 (human, uterus, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 685 (human, uterus, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 699 N (human, lymph node, lung cancer)
COLO 720 E (human, ascitic fluid, adenocarcinoma, ovary)
COLO 720 L (human, lymphocyte, B, adenocarcinoma, ovary)
COLO 741 (human, pelvic wall, metastasis, carcinoma, colon)
COLO 775 (human, blood, leukemia)
COLO 792 (human, brain, malignant melanoma)
COLO 800 (human, subcutaneous nodule, melanoma)
COLO 818 (human, skin, melanoma)
COLO 829 (human, umbilical metastatis, melanoma)
COLO 832 (human, lymph node, metastasis, melanoma)
COLO 839 (human, Caucasian, lymphocyte, B, melanoma)
COLO 853 (human, axilla lymph node, melanoma)
COLO 857 (human, axilla lymph node, melanoma)
COLO 858 (human, right axial lymph node, melanoma)
COR-L105 (human, Caucasian, lung, adenocarcinoma)
COR-L23 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, large cell)
COR-L24 (human, lymph node, carcinoma, small cell)
COR-L279 (human, lymph node, carcinoma, small cell)
COR-L311 (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
COR-L47 (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, carcinoma, lung small cell)
COR-L51 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, lung small cell)
COR-L88 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, carcinoma, lung small cell)
COS-1 (monkey, African green, kidney)
COS-7 (monkey, African green, kidney)
CP132 (monkey, chimpanzee, skin)
CPA (bovine, endothelium, pulmonary artery)
CPAE (bovine, endothelium, pulmonary artery)
CRE BAG2 (mouse, leukemia)
CRFK (BVD Ag negative) (cat, domestic, kidney)
Cri du Chat (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, cri du chat syndrome)
CRI-10P (rat, NEDH, islet tumor)
CRI-D11 (rat, NEDH, pancreas, islet tumor)
CRI-D2 (rat, islet tumor)
CRI-G1 (rat, NEDH, pancreas, islet tumor)
CRI-G5 (rat, NEDH, pancreas, islet tumor)
CSE-119 (fish - Coho, salmon)
CTLL-2 (mouse, C57BL/6, lymphocyte, T)
CV-1 (monkey, African green, kidney)
CV-1 Clone B5 (monkey, African green, kidney)
CYNOM-K1 (monkey, cynomologus, skin, embryonic)
D12/DM (mouse, AKR, thymus, thymoma)
D17 (dog, bone, sarcoma, osteogenic)
D2 (Drosophila, embryo)
D98/AH2 Clone B (human, cervix, carcinoma, cervical)
DAUDI (human, Black, blood, lymphoma, Burkitt)
DBS-FCL-2 (monkey, African green, lung, embryonic)
DBS-FRhL-2 (monkey, rhesus, lung, embryonic)
DBTRG.05MG (human, brain, glioblastoma multiforme)
DDT1-MF2 (hamster, Syrian, ductus deferens, leiomyosarcoma)
DEDE (hamster, Chinese, lung)
Detroit 510 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, galactosemia)
Detroit 525 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, Turner syndrome/noonan syndrome 1)
Detroit 529 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, trisomy 21 / Down syndrome)
Detroit 532 (human, Caucasian, skin, trisomy 21 / Down syndrome)
Detroit 539 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, trisomy 21 / Down syndrome)
Detroit 551 (human, Caucasian, skin, embryonic)
Detroit 562 (human, Caucasian, pharynx, carcinoma)
Detroit 573 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, B/D translocation)
DH14 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
DH15 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
DH33 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
DH82 (dog, golden retriever, monocyte-macrophage)
DHD/K12/TRb (rat, colon, carcinoma)
DK (dog, beagle, kidney)
DLD-1 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
DMS 153 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
DMS 273 (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
DMS 454 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
DMS 53 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
DMS 79 (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
DMS 92 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
DoCl1 (S+L-) (dog, kidney)
DOK (human, Caucasian, tongue, carcinoma)
DON (hamster, Chinese, lung)
Duck Embryo (duck, Pekin, embryo)
E.Derm (horse, dermis)
E.H.IV (Elaine IV) (human, Caucasian, blood, infectious mononucleosis)
EB (JC) (gorilla, blood)
EB176 (JC) (chimpanzee, blood)
EB185 (JC) (orangutang, blood)
EBTr (bovine, trachea, embryonic)
ECV304 (human, bladder, carcinoma)
Ehrlich-Lettre Ascites strain E (mouse, carcinoma, Ehrlich-Lettre ascites)
EIII (mouse / human, hybrid)
EJ138 (human, bladder, carcinoma)
EJG (bovine, adrenal medulla)
EL4 (mouse, blood, lymphoma)
EL4.BU.OU6 (mouse, C57BL/6N, blood, lymphoma, lymphoblastic)
EL4.NOB-1 (mouse, C57BL/6N, blood, lymphoma, lymphoblastic)
EoL-1 cell (human, blood, leukemia, eosinophilic)
Eos-HL-60 (human, Caucasian, blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
EPC (fish, epithelioma)
ESK-4 (pig, kidney)
EZZ (TOU II-4) (human, peripheral blood, B cell)
F9 (mouse, 129/SV, embryo, teratocarcinoma)
Fao (rat, liver, hepatoma)
FB2.Sp (bovine, bos taurus cow, spleen)
FBHE (bovine, heart, embryonic)
Fc2Lu (cat, lung, embryonic)
Fc3Tg (cat, tongue, embryonic)
FEA4 + PFSC/C1 (cat, domestic, embryo)
FEL (rabbit, embryo)
FER (cat, domestic, embryo)
FGC4 (rat, skin, hepatoma)
FHM (fish - minnow, skin)
FL (human, amnion)
FLYA13 (human, acetabulum, fibrosarcoma)
FLYRD18 (human, acetabulum, fibrosarcoma)
FM3A (mouse, C3H, breast, carcinoma)
FM3Ats C1.T85 (mouse, C3H, breast, carcinoma)
FoLu (grey fox, lung)
FR (rat, Sprague-Dawley, skin)
FT (bullfrog, tongue)
FTC-133 (human, thyroid, follicular, carcinoma)
FTC-238 (human, thyroid, carcinoma)
G (rat, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
G-292 Clone A141B1 (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
G-361 (human, Caucasian, skin, malignant melanoma)
G-401 (human, Caucasian, kidney)
G-402 (human, Caucasian, kidney, leiomyoblastoma)
G-7 (mouse, Swiss-Webster, muscle)
G-8 (mouse, Swiss-Webster, muscle)
GEEP (sheep, Ovis aries / goat, Capra lircus, hybrid)
GeLu (gerbil, Mongolian, lung)
GH1 (rat, Wistar-Furth, pituitary, pituitary tumor)
GH3 (rat, Wistar-Furth, pituitary, pituitary tumor)
GIRARDI HEART (human, heart)
GL-1 (lizard, lung)
GP2d (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
GP5d (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
GR-M (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma)
GRL101 (KC7) (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
GRL101 (MIX) (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
Grunt Fin (GF) (fish - bluestriped grunt, fin)
GS-109-V-20 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, Gardner's syndrome)
GS-109-V-34 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, Gardner's syndrome)
GS-109-V-63 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, Gardner's syndrome)
GS-9L (rat, neural, glioma)
H-4-II-E (rat, liver, hepatoma)
H-EMC-SS (human, muscle, chondrosarcoma)
H2.35 (mouse, BALB/c, liver)
H33HJ-JA1 (human, blood, lymphoma)
H4-II-E-C3 (rat, AxC, liver, hepatoma)
H4II (rat, AxC, skin, carcinoma, hepatocellular)
H4S (rat, liver, hepatoma)
H5 (rat, AxC, liver, hepatoma)
H69 (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
H69V (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
H9 (human, blood, lymphoma)
H9c2 (2-1) (rat, DB1X, heart)
Hak (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
HaP-T1 (hamster, Syrian, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
HCT 116 (human, colon, carcinoma)
HCT-15 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
HCT-8 (human, intestine, ileocecal, adenocarcinoma)
HEL 12469 (human, lung, embryonic)
HEL 299 (human, Black, lung, embryonic)
HEL 92.1.7 (human, Caucasian, blood, erythroleukemia)
HeLa (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa B (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma)
HeLa Ohio (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa S3 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa229 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
Hep 3B (human, Black, liver, carcinoma, hepatocellular)
Hep G2 (human, Caucasian, liver, carcinoma, hepatocellular)
Hep-2C (human, Caucasian, larynx, carcinoma)
Hep2 (human, Caucasian, larynx, carcinoma)
Hep2 (Clone 2B) (human, Caucasian, larynx, carcinoma)
Hepa 1-6 (mouse, C57L, liver, hepatoma)
Hepa-1c1c7 (mouse, C57L/5, liver, hepatoma)
HEPM (human, palatal mesenchyme, embryonic)
HF1 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
HF1-5 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
HF19 (human, lung, embryonic)
HF2x653 (mouse / human, heterohybridoma)
HFFF2 (human, Caucasian, foreskin, fetal)
HFL1 (human, lung, embryonic)
HG261 (human, Caucasian, skin, fibroblast, Fanconi anemia)
HGC-27 (human, lymph node, carcinoma)
HL60 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HL60 15-12 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HL60 Ast.3 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HL60 Ast.4 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HL60 M2 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HL60 M4 (human, Caucasian, blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HLF-a (human, Black, lung, carcinoma, epidermoid)
HMVII (human, vagina, melanoma)
HOS (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
HR5 (human, cervix, carcinoma)
HR5-CL11 (human, cervix, carcinoma)
HRT-18 (human, rectum-anus, adenocarcinoma)
Hs 27 (human, foreskin)
Hs 431 (human, connective, carcinoma)
Hs 578T (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
Hs 633T (human, fibrosarcoma)
Hs 68 (human, Caucasian, foreskin)
Hs 888Lu (human, Caucasian, lung)
HS-Sultan (human, Caucasian, blood, plasmacytoma)
HSDM1C1 (mouse, Swiss albino, fibrosarcoma)
HT 1080 (human, Caucasian, acetabulum, fibrosarcoma)
HT 1197 (human, Caucasian, bladder, carcinoma)
HT 1376 (human, Caucasian, bladder, carcinoma)
HT115 (human, colon, carcinoma)
HT2 Clone A5E (mouse, BALB/c, blood)
HT29 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade II)
HT29 gluc C1 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
HT29/219 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
HT55 (human, colon, carcinoma)
HTC (rat, buffalo, liver, hepatoma)
HTC (BUdR) (rat, liver, hepatoma)
HTK- (human, bone, osteomyeloma)
HtTA-1 (human, cervix, carcinoma)
HUC-Fm (human, umbilical cord)
HuP-T3 (human, Japanese, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
HuP-T4 (human, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
HUT-78 (human, peripheral blood, lymphoma, cutaneous, T cell)
HVS-SILVA 40 (monkey, marmoset, blood)
I-10 (mouse, BALB/cJ, testis, Leydig cells, testicular tumor)
IA-Xs SBR (rat, Holtzmann, intestine, small, adenocarcinoma)
ICR-2A (grass frog, embryo)
IEC 18 (rat, intestine, ileum)
IEC 6 (rat, intestine, small)
IgH-2 (iguana, lizard, heart)
IM 9 (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, multiple myeloma)
IMR 32 (human, Caucasian, abdomen, neuroblastoma)
IMR-90 (human, Caucasian, lung, embryonic)
Indian Muntjac (muntjac, skin, fibroblast)
INT 407 (human, Caucasian, intestine, embryonic)
IPI-1 (pig, intestine, ileum)
IPI-2I (pig, intestine, ileum)
J.CaM1.6 (human, blood, leukemia, T cell)
J45.01 (human, blood, leukemia, T cell)
J558L (mouse, BALB/c, blood, myeloma)
J774.2 (mouse, BALB/c, blood, not defined tumor)
J774A.1 (mouse, BALB/c, blood, not defined tumor)
JEG3 (human, choriocarcinoma)
Jensen sarcoma (rat, sarcoma)
JH4 clone 1 (guinea pig, lung)
JIII (human, blood, leukemia, monocytic)
JIYOYE (human, Black, lymph, lymphoma, Burkitt)
JM (human, blood, leukemia, T cell)
JTC-19 (rat, lung, embryonic)
JTC-27 (rat, ascitic fluid, hepatoma)
Jurkat E6.1 (human, blood, leukemia, T cell)
JVM-13 (human, Caucasian, blood, leukemia, B-prolymphocytic)
K-BALB (K-234) (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
K1 (human, thyroid, carcinoma)
K562 (human, Caucasian, blood, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
K562 cl.6 (human, Caucasian, blood, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
K6H6/B5 (mouse / human, heterohybridoma)
KATO-III (human, stomach, carcinoma)
KB (human, Caucasian, mouth, carcinoma, epidermoid)
KC (Drosophila, embryo)
KCB 85015 (bear, black, lung)
KCB 89001 (deer, Sambar, skin)
KCB 90008 (wolf, lung)
KELLY (human, brain, neuroblastoma)
KG-1 (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, leukemia, acute myeloid)
KG1a (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, leukemia, acute myeloid)
KHOS-240S (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
KHOS-312H (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
KHOS/NP (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
KLN 205 (mouse, DBA/2, carcinoma, squamous cell)
KNA (human, adrenal, pheochromocytoma)
KNRK (rat, kidney)
KU-812 (human, blood, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
KU-812E (human, blood, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
KU-812F (human, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
KYSE-30 (human, Asiatic, oesophagus, carcinoma, squamous cell)
L-2 (rat, lung)
L-M (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
L-M (TK-) (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
L1210 (mouse, DBA/2, blood, leukemia, lymphocytic)
L132 (human, lung, embryonic)
L14 (pig, blood)
L23 (pig, blood)
L231 (pig, blood)
L35 (pig, peripheral blood)
L45 (pig, peripheral blood)
L5178Y (mouse, DBA/2, thymus, lymphoma, thymic)
L5178Y-R (LY-R) (mouse, DBA/2, thymus, lymphoma, thymic)
L5178Y-S (LY-S) (mouse, DBA/2, thymus, lymphoma, thymic)
L52 (pig, blood)
L6.C10 (rat, skeletal muscle)
L6.C11 (rat, skeletal muscle)
L6.G8 (rat, skeletal muscle)
L6.G8.C5 (rat, skeletal muscle)
L929 (mouse, C3H/An, areolar and adipose)
L929(NCTC) (mouse, C3H/An, areolar and adipose)
L929S (mouse, areolar and adipose)
LA-4 (mouse, A/He, lung, adenoma)
LA7 (rat, mammary gland, carcinoma)
LBRM-33-1A5 (mouse, B10.BR, blood, lymphoma)
LC540 (rat, Fisher, testis, Leydig cells, testicular tumor)
LL/2(LLc1) (mouse, C57BL, lung, carcinoma, Lewis lung)
LL24 (human, lung)
LL29 (AnHa) (human, Caucasian, lung, pulmonary fibrosis, idiopathic)
LL47 (MaDo) (human, Black, lung)
LL86 (LeSa) (human, Caucasian, lung, sarcoma, osteogenic)
LLC-PK1 (pig, kidney)
LLC-RK1 (rabbit, New Zealand white, kidney)
LLC-WRC 256 (rat, Walker, carcinoma)
LLCMK2 (Original) (monkey, rhesus, kidney)
LoVo (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
LS 123 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
LS174T (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
LS180 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
LTK- (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
LUDLU-1 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, squamous cell)
M-MSV-BALB/3T3 (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
M. dunni (Clone III8C) (mouse, tail)
M1 (mouse, SL, skin, leukemia, myeloid)
M15 (mouse, mesonephros)
M1WT3 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
M3 Clone M-3 (mouse, Cloudman S91, skin, melanoma)
MA104 (monkey, African green, kidney, embryonic)
MAT-Lu (rat, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
MAT-LyLu (rat, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
MB-III (de Bruyn Grey) (mouse, lymph, lymphosarcoma)
MC116 (human, lymph, lymphoma, B cell)
MCA-RH 7777 (rat, buffalo, liver, hepatoma)
McCoy (mouse)
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MDA-MB-157 (human, Black, breast, carcinoma)
MDA-MB-231 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MDA-MB-361 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MDBK (bovine, kidney)
MDCK (dog, cocker spaniel, kidney)
MEG-01 (human, bone marrow, leukemia, megakaryoblastic)
MES-SA (human, Caucasian, uterus, sarcoma)
MES-SA/Dx-5 (human, Caucasian, uterus, sarcoma)
Meta 10 (mouse, lung, metastasis, cancer)
Meta 15 (mouse, lung, metastasis, cancer)
Meta 7 (mouse, lung, metastasis, cancer)
MEWO (human, skin, malignant melanoma)
MFE-280 (human, Caucasian, endometrium, adenocarcinoma, endometrial)
MFE-296 (human, Caucasian, endometrium, adenocarcinoma, endometrial)
MG-63 (human, bone, osteosarcoma)
MH-22A (mouse, C3HA, liver, carcinoma, hepatocellular)
MH-S (mouse, BALB/c, macrophage)
MH1C1 (rat, buffalo, liver, hepatoma)
MIA-Pa-Ca-2 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, carcinoma)
MiCL1 (S+L-) (mustela vison (mink), lung)
ML-1 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute myelogenous)
MLA144 (gibbon, lymphosarcoma)
MLg (mouse, ddY, lung)
MMT-060562 (mouse, (C57BLxAf) F1, breast, mammary tumor)
MNNG/HOS (TE85, Clone F-5) (human, Caucasian, bone, sarcoma, osteogenic)
Mo-B (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, hairy cell)
MOG-G-CCM (human, brain, astrocytoma, anaplastic)
MOG-G-UVW (human, brain, astrocytoma, anaplastic)
MOH (TOU II-3) (human, peripheral blood)
MOLT-3 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic T cell)
MOLT-4 (human, lymphocyte, T, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)
MOP-8 (mouse, embryo)
MOPC 315 (mouse, myeloma)
MOPC 31C (mouse, plasmacytoma)
MOUSE L CELLS (TK+, HBS Ag+) (mouse, skin)
MPC-11 (mouse, BALB/c, blood, myeloma)
Mpf (ferret, brain)
MPK (minipig, kidney)
MRC-5 (human, lung, fetal)
MRC-5 SV1 TG1 (human, lung)
MRC-5 SV1 TG2 (human, lung, embryonic)
MRC-5 SV2 (human, lung, embryonic)
MRC-7 (human, lung, embryonic)
MRC-9 (human, lung, embryonic)
MS (monkey, African green, kidney)
MSV.B (mouse, BALB/c, fibroblast, embryonic)
MSVIF-TK+ (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
MT-2 (human, lymphocyte)
MT4 (human, blood)
MTC SK (human, thyroid, medullary, carcinoma)
Mv.1.Lu (mustela vison (mink), lung)
N1-S1 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
N18 (mouse / rat, hybrid, neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid)
N1E-115 (mouse, A/Jax, nervous system, neuroblastoma)
Namalwa (human, blood, lymphoma, Burkitt)
Nb2-11 (rat, thymus, lymphoma)
NB4 1A3 (mouse, nervous system, neuroblastoma)
NBT-II (rat, Wistar, bladder, cancer)
NC-37 (human, Caucasian, blood)
NCI-H292 (human, Black, lung, carcinoma, mucoepidermoid)
NCI-H322 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, bronchioalveolar)
NCI-H358 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, bronchioalveolar)
NCI-H727 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, non small cell)
NCI-H929 (human, Caucasian, myeloma)
NCTC 2071 (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
NCTC 3749 (mouse, DBA/2, lymph, lymphoid neoplasm)
NCTC 4093 (mouse, C57B1/KaLw, embryo)
NCTC 4206 (hamster, Chinese, peritoneal cells)
NCTC clone 1469 (mouse, C3H/An, liver)
NCTC clone 2472 (mouse, C3H/HeN, connective)
NCTC clone 2555 (mouse, C3H/HeN, connective)
NCTC clone 929 (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
ND-E (mouse / rat, hybrid, neuroblastoma x root ganglion neuron hybrid)
ND-U1 (mouse / rat, hybrid, neuroblastoma x root ganglion neuron hybrid)
ND27 (mouse / rat, hybrid, neuroblastoma x root ganglion neuron hybrid)
ND7/23 (mouse / rat, hybrid, neuroblastoma)
Neopu (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
Neuro 2a (mouse, albino, neuroblastoma)
NFS-25 C-3 (mouse, lymphoblast, pre-B, lymphoma, lymphoblastic)
NFS-5 C1 (mouse, NFS/N, lymphoma)
NFS-70 C10 (mouse, NFS/N, lymphoma)
NG108-15 (mouse / rat, neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid)
NG115-401L (mouse / rat, neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid)
NH17 (human, lymphocyte, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic T cell)
NIH 3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss, embryo)
NIH-3T3 4-2 (mouse, embryo)
NIH-3T3D4 (mouse, embryo)
NMuMG (mouse, NAMRU, mammary gland)
NOR 10 (mouse, C57B10, muscle)
NRK (rat, Osborn-Mendel, kidney, fibroblast)
NRK-49F (rat, kidney)
NRK-52E (rat, kidney)
NS0 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
NTERA-2 clone D1 (human, Caucasian, lung, metastasis, carcinoma, embryonal pluripotent)
Nthy-ori 3-1 (human, thyroid, follicular)
Nthy-ts1 (human, thyroid, follicular)
OAW28 (human, ovary, carcinoma)
OAW42 (human, ovary, cystoadenocarcinoma)
OE19 (human, Caucasian, oesophagus, carcinoma)
OE21 (human, Caucasian, oesophagus, carcinoma, squamous cell)
OE33 (human, Caucasian, oesophagus, carcinoma)
OE47 (human, Caucasian, oesophagus, carcinoma, squamous cell)
OE50 (human, Caucasian, oesophagus, adenocarcinoma)
OK (opossum, American, kidney)
OMK (637-69) (monkey, owl, kidney)
OVNIS (sheep, thyroid)
P1 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
P1.HTR (mouse, DBA/2)
P1.HTR.TK- (mouse, DBA/2, mastocytoma)
P19 (mouse, C3H/He, teratocarcinoma)
P1Bb1.1 (DBA/2) (mouse, DBA/2, mastocytoma)
P2 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
P22 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
P3/NS1/1-Ag4.1 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
P388.D1 (Clone 3124) (mouse, lymphoid neoplasm)
P3HR-1 (human, Black, lymph, lymphoma, Burkitt)
P3U1 (mouse, myeloma)
P3X63Ag8 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
P3X63Ag8.653 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
P3X63Ag8U.1 (mouse, BALB/c, plasmacytoma)
P4 (Drosophila, melanogaster, embryo)
P815-1-1 (mouse, DBA/2, mastocytoma)
PA-1 (human, Caucasian, ovary, teratocarcinoma)
PA317 (mouse, NIH Swiss, fibroblast)
PANC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, carcinoma)
PC-12 (rat, New England Deaconess Hospital strain, adrenal medulla, pheochromocytoma)
PC-14 (human, lung, adenocarcinoma)
PC-3 (human, Caucasian, prostate, adenocarcinoma, grade IV)
PD5 (pig, kidney)
PEA-10 (mouse, (C57BL/6x129) F1, fibroblast, embryonic)
PG-4 (cat, brain)
PG13 (mouse, fibroblast, embryonic)
Phi 1 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
PI.1 Ut (racoon, uterus)
PLC/PRF/5 (human, liver, hepatoma)
PNT1A (human, prostate)
PNT2 (human, prostate)
PORTHOS (pig, thyroid)
PSA1 (mouse, SIM, embryo, teratocarcinoma)
PSA1-NG2 (mouse, SIM, embryo, teratocarcinoma)
Psi-CRE (mouse, NIH 3T3)
Psi-CRIP (mouse, NIH 3T3)
PSM-B (mouse, SIM, teratocarcinoma)
PSN1 (human, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
Ptk1 (marsupial - potoroo, kidney)
Ptk2 (marsupial - potoroo, kidney)
Pu-518 (mouse, BALB/c, lymphoid neoplasm)
PUTKO (human / human, lymphocyte, leukemia, myeloid)
QIMR-WIL (human, lymphocyte, peripheral, leukemia, myeloblastic)
QT 35 (quail, Japanese, fibrosarcoma)
QT 6 (quail, Japanese, fibrosarcoma)
R2C (rat, Wistar-Furth, testis, Leydig cells, testicular tumor)
R74 (rat, Lewis, fibroblast, embryonic)
R9 (rat, Lewis, fibroblast, embryonic)
R9ab (rabbit, New Zealand white, lung)
RAB-9 (rabbit, New Zealand white, skin, fibroblast)
RAG (mouse, BALB/cd, kidney, adenocarcinoma)
RAJI (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAJI TK+ (human, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAJI TK- (human, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAJI'A' (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAMOS (human, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAMOS (RA.1) (human, Caucasian, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAMOS-AW (human, lymphoblast, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAMOS-EHRB (human, lymphoblast, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAT-2 (rat, embryo)
RAW 264 (mouse, ascitic fluid, leukemia, monocytic-macrophage)
RAW 264.7 (mouse, ascitic fluid, leukemia, monocytic-macrophage)
RBL-1 (rat, leukemia, basophilic)
RC-4B/C1 (rat, adenoma)
RCE (rabbit, New Zealand white, cornea)
RD (human, Caucasian, muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal)
RED.1 (mouse, erythroleukemia)
RENE 1 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RENE 2 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RENT 4 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RENT RO1 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RENT RO3 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RENT ts3.1 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RENT tsS1.1 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, endometrium)
RFL-6 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, lung)
Ri-1 (human, Caucasian, blood, lymphoma, B cell)
RIN-5F (rat, islet tumor)
RIN-m (rat, NEDH, islet tumor)
RK13 (rabbit, kidney)
RLC 27 (rat, liver)
RN 22 (rat)
RO82-W-1 (human, thyroid, follicular, carcinoma)
RPMI 1788 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood)
RPMI 1846 (hamster, golden Syrian, skin, melanoma, melanotic)
RPMI 2650 (human, nasal septum, carcinoma, squamous cell)
RPMI 6666 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, lymphoma, Hodgkin)
RPMI 7666 (human, Caucasian, lymphoblast)
RPMI 7932 (human, pleural effusion, melanoma)
RPMI 8226 (human, peripheral blood, myeloma)
RPMI 8866 (human, lymphocyte B, peripheral, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
RR-CHOKI (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
RR1022 (rat, Amsterdam, sarcoma)
RT 1 (rat, Lewis, fibrosarcoma)
RT112/84 (human, bladder, carcinoma)
RT4 (human, Caucasian, bladder, papilloma, transitional cell)
RT4-D6P2T (rat, nervous system, not defined tumor)
RTG-2 (fish - trout, rainbow, gonad)
S1814.PB5 (human, fibroblast, embryonic)
SBAC (bovine, adrenal cortex)
SC 11 (marsupial mouse, kidney)
SC-1 (mouse, embryo)
SCP (sheep, brain, choroid plexus)
Sf 1Ep (rabbit, domestic, epidermis)
Sf9 (lepidoptera sciaridae diptera - Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm), pupal ovary)
SH-SY5Y (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SHOK (hamster, Syrian, embryo)
SIRC (rabbit, cornea)
SJMRF (buffalo)
SK LU 1 (human, Caucasian, lung, adenocarcinoma, grade III)
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver, adenocarcinoma)
SK-MES (human, lung, carcinoma, squamous cell)
SK-N-AS (human, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-BE(2) (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-DZ (human, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-F1 (human, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-SH (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-OV-3 (human, Caucasian, ovary, adenocarcinoma)
SK-PN-DW (human, not defined tumor)
Sp1K (dolphin, Stenella plagiodon, kidney)
SP2/0-Ag14 (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, myeloma)
SR-4987 (mouse, bone marrow, stromal cells)
ST (pig, fetal testis)
STO (mouse, SIM, fibroblast, embryonic)
Subclone 707 BUF (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 DAP8 (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 DK 4.8 (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 DKA (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 DKE (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 DKH (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 DKJ (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 TG1 (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
Subclone 707 TG2 (mouse, lymphoblast, leukemia, Friend)
SUP-T1 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, lymphoma, T cell)
SV-T2 (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
SV3T3B (mouse, SIM, embryo)
SW 1116 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade II)
SW 13 (human, Caucasian, adrenal cortex, adenocarcinoma)
SW 1417 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade III)
SW 1463 (human, Caucasian, rectum, adenocarcinoma)
SW 403 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade II)
SW 48 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
SW 480 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
SW 620 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
SW 837 (human, Caucasian, rectum-anus, adenocarcinoma, grade IV)
SW 948 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade III)
T/G HA-VSMC (human, aorta)
T24/83 (human, bladder, carcinoma)
T47D (human, breast, carcinoma)
T84 (human, lung, metastasis, carcinoma)
T98G (human, Caucasian, glioblastoma)
TA3 Hauschka (mouse, mammary gland, carcinoma)
TAK3 (human, African, peripheral blood, B cell)
TB1 Lu (NBL-12) (bat, lung)
TCMK-1 (mouse, C3H/Mai, kidney)
TE 671 (human, Caucasian, medulloblastoma)
TE671 Subline No.2 (human, Caucasian, medulloblastoma)
TF1 (human, lymphoid, erythroleukemia)
TGP 49 (mouse, pancreas, carcinoma)
TGP 52 (mouse, pancreas, islet tumor)
TGP 54 (mouse, pancreas, islet tumor)
TGP 55 (mouse, Tg transgenic, pancreas, carcinoma)
TH-1 subline B1 (turtle, Terrapene carolina, heart)
THP 1 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute monocytic)
TK-TS 13 (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
TK6 (human, lymphoblast)
TK6TGR (human, lymphoblast)
TM3 (mouse, BALB/c, testis, Leydig cells)
TM4 (mouse, BALB/c, testis, Sertoli cell)
Tn5 B1-4 (Tiger moth, Trichoplusia ni, egg)
TOU (TOU I-2) (human, African, peripheral blood, B cell)
TR33B (rat, Wistar-Furth, spinal cord and roots, oligodendroglioma)
TR6Bc1 (mouse, C3H/He, brain, schwannoma)
TRA-171 (mosquito - Toxorhynchites amboinesnsis, larvae)
TT (human, Caucasian, thyroid, carcinoma, medullary)
Tufted Deer (deer, lung)
U-87 MG (human, Caucasian, brain, glioblastoma-astrocytoma)
U266B1 (human, myeloma)
U373 MG (human, Caucasian, glioblastoma-astrocytoma)
U937 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, lymphoma, histiocytic)
U937(CD59+) (human, Caucasian, lymphoma, histiocytic)
UMR-106 (rat, sarcoma, osteogenic)
UMR-108 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, sarcoma, osteogenic)
UT-1 (human, Chinese, ovary)
V79 (hamster, Chinese, lung)
V79-4 (hamster, Chinese, lung)
V79-HG04 (hamster, Chinese, lung, embryonic)
VA-ES-BJ (human, skin, sarcoma, epitheloid)
Vero (monkey, African green, kidney)
Vero 317 (monkey, African green, kidney)
Vero C1008 (monkey, African green, kidney)
Vero76 (monkey, African green, kidney)
VH2 (viper, Russell, heart)
Vx2 (rabbit, Orycytolagus cuniculus, unspecified tissue)
WB2054M (rat, colon, carcinoma)
WEHI 164 (mouse, BALB/c, fibrosarcoma)
WEHI 3B (mouse, BALB/c, leukemia, myelomonocytic)
WEHI 3BD (mouse, BALB/c, leukemia, granulocytic or myelocytic)
WEHI-231 (mouse, (BALB/cxNZB) F1, lymphoma, lymphoblastic)
WEHI-274.1 (mouse, BALB/c, monocyte tumor)
WEHI-279 (mouse, lymphoma)
WES (monkey, chimpanzee, skin)
Wgd5 (mouse)
WI 1003 (human, lung)
WI 26 VA4 (human, Caucasian, lung, embryonic)
WI 38VA13 Subline 2RA (human, Caucasian, lung, embryonic)
WiDr (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
WIL2 NS (human, Caucasian, lymphocyte, B, spherocytosis, hereditary)
WIL2.NS.6TG (human, lymphocyte, B)
WILCL (human, lymphocyte, B)
WISH (human, amnion)
WKD (human, conjunctiva)
WM 266-4 (human, melanoma)
WM-115 (human, skin, melanoma)
WRC (rat, Walker, carcinoma)
WRL 68 (human, liver, embryonic)
WS1 (human, Black, skin, embryonic)
WX310 (mouse, unspecified tissue)
X1/5 (human)
XC (rat, Wistar, sarcoma)
XrS6 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
Y1 (mouse, LAF1, adrenal cortex, adrenal tumor)
Y3.AG.1.2.3 (rat, LOU, myeloma)
Y79 (human, Caucasian, eye, retinoblastoma)
YAC-1 (mouse, A/Sn, lymphoma)
YO (rat, myeloma)
ZR-75-1 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma)
ZR-75-30 (human, Black, breast, carcinoma, ductal)

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