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  P. Romano, A. Manniello et al. Nucl Acids Res 2009 37:D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105

Short description of cell lines.
Tumor: adenocarcinoma

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200D (human, ovary) - ECACC
23132/87 (human, stomach) - DSMZ
253D (human, ascitic fluid) - ECACC
A-498 (human, kidney) - ICLC
A-704 (human, kidney) - ICLC
A-704 (human, kidney) - IZSBS
A-704 (human, kidney) - MIEOS
A.704 (human, kidney) - ECACC
A2780 (human, ovary) - ICLC
ACHN (human, Caucasian, kidney) - ECACC
ACHN (human, Caucasian, kidney) - ICLC
ACHN (human, Caucasian, kidney) - IZSBS
AGS (human, Caucasian, stomach) - ECACC
AGS (human, Caucasian, stomach) - IZSBS
AsPC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas) - SPBIC
AT-1 (rat, prostate) - ECACC
AT-3.1 (rat, prostate) - ECACC
AT6.1 (rat, prostate) - ECACC
BxPC-3 (human, pancreas) - ECACC
BXPC-3 (human, pancreas) - IZSBS
BxPC3 (human, pancreas) - ICLC
CACO-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - DSMZ
CACO-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ICLC
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - IZSBS
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - MIECC
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - MIUFC
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - RMSTC
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon) - SPBIC
Calu-3 (human, Caucasian, lung) - GEUEM
Calu-3 (human, Caucasian, lung) - IZSBS
Calu-3 (human, Caucasian, lung) - MIISB
Calu-6 (human, Caucasian, lung) - GEUEM
CAPAN 1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas) - IZSBS
CAPAN-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas) - DSMZ
CAPAN-2 (human, Caucasian, pancreas) - DSMZ
Capan-2 (human, Caucasian, pancreas) - SPBIC
CFPAC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas) - ECACC
COLO 201 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
COLO 205 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
COLO 320 DMF (human, colon) - ECACC
COLO 320DM (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
COLO 320DMF (human, colon) - ICLC
COLO 320HSR (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
COLO 320HSR (human, Caucasian, colon) - SPBIC
COLO 684 (human, uterus) - ECACC
COLO 685 (human, uterus) - ECACC
COLO 699N (human, lung) - ICLC
COLO-320 (human, Caucasian, colon) - DSMZ
COLO-699 (human, lung) - DSMZ
COLO-704 (human, ovary) - DSMZ
COLO-720L (human, lymphoblastoid B cell) - DSMZ
COR-L105 (human, Caucasian, lung) - ECACC
CX-1 (human, colon) - DSMZ
DLD-1 (human, colon) - ECACC
DLD-1 (human, colon) - ICLC
EFO-27 (human, ovary) - DSMZ
G (rat, prostate) - ECACC
GP2d (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
GP5d (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
H460 (human, lung) - MIISB
HaP-T1 (hamster, Syrian, pancreas) - ECACC
HCT-15 (human, colon) - ECACC
HCT-8 (human, intestine, ileocecal) - ECACC
HCT-8 (human, intestine, ileocecal) - GEIOM
HCT-8 (human, intestine, ileocecal) - ICLC
HCT-8 (human, intestine, ileocecal) - IZSBS
HEC-1-B (human, endometrium) - BSUPG
HRT 18 (human, rectum-anus) - IZSBS
HRT-18 (human, rectum-anus) - ECACC
HT-29 (human, Caucasian, colon) - IZSBS
HT29 gluc C1 (human, colon) - ECACC
HT29/219 (human, colon) - ECACC
HuP-T3 (human, Japanese, pancreas) - ECACC
HuP-T3 (human, Japanese, pancreas) - ICLC
HuP-T4 (human, pancreas) - ECACC
HuP-T4 (human, pancreas) - ICLC
HuTu 80 (human) - IZSBS
HuTu 80 (human, duodenum) - SPBIC
IA-Xs SBR (rat, Holtzmann, intestine, small) - ECACC
LNCap.FGC (human, Caucasian, prostate) - ICLC
LNCaP.FGC (human, Caucasian, prostate) - MIUEP
LoVo (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
LoVo (human, Caucasian, colon) - ICLC
LoVo (human, Caucasian, colon) - MIEOS
LoVo (human, Caucasian, colon) - MIISB
LS 123 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
LS 180 (human, Caucasian, colon) - IZSBS
LS174T (human, colon) - ECACC
LS180 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
LXF-289 (human, lung) - DSMZ
MAT-Lu (rat, prostate) - ECACC
MAT-LyLu (rat, prostate) - ECACC
MCF 7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - IZSBS
MCF-7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - DSMZ
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ECACC
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIAP
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - MIEOS
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - MIISB
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - SPBIC
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast) - TOUCI
MCF7-382 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIBM
MCF7-382 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MCF7-422 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIBM
MCF7-422 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MCF7-432 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIBM
MCF7-432 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MCF7-488X1 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIBM
MCF7-488X1 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MCF7-490X1 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIBM
MCF7-490X1 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MCF7-492X1 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MDA-MB-231 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ECACC
MDA-MB-231 (human, Caucasian, breast) - GEIAP
MDA-MB-231 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ICLC
MDA-MB-231 (human, Caucasian, breast) - TOUCI
MDA-MB-361 (human, Caucasian, breast) - ECACC
MDA-MB-415 (human, breast) - ICLC
MDA-MB-415 (human, Caucasian, breast) - MIEOS
MDA-MB-468 (human, Black, breast) - ICLC
MG-1361 (mouse, CD-1 transgenic, mammary gland) - ICLC
MTP-GFP (mouse, CD-1 transgenic, mammary gland) - ICLC
NCI-H716 (human, Caucasian, colon) - TOUCI
NIH:OVCAR-3 (human, Caucasian, ovary) - MIEOS
OE50 (human, Caucasian, oesophagus) - ECACC
PA-TU-8902 (human, pancreas) - DSMZ
PA-TU-8988S (human, pancreas) - DSMZ
PA-TU-8988T (human, pancreas) - DSMZ
PC-14 (human, lung) - ECACC
PSN1 (human, pancreas) - ECACC
PSN1 (human, pancreas) - ICLC
RAG (mouse, BALB/cd, kidney) - CHIBC
RAG (mouse, BALB/cd, kidney) - ECACC
RAG (mouse, BALB/cd, kidney) - MWIIW
SK-BR-3 (human, breast) - ICLC
SK-BR-3 (human, Caucasian, breast) - TOUCI
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver) - BSUPG
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver) - DSMZ
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver) - ECACC
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver) - ICLC
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver) - SPBIC
SK-OV-3 (human, Caucasian, ovary) - ECACC
SK-OV-3 (human, Caucasian, ovary) - IZSBS
SK-OV-3 (human, Caucasian, ovary) - MIISB
SW 13 (human, Caucasian, adrenal cortex) - ECACC
SW 13 (human, Caucasian, adrenal cortex) - IZSBS
SW 1463 (human, Caucasian, rectum) - ECACC
SW 48 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
SW 480 (human, colon) - ECACC
SW 620 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ECACC
SW480 (human, colon) - MIILC
SW620 (human, Caucasian, colon) - ICLC
SW620 (human, Caucasian, colon) - MIILC
SW626 (human, ovary) - MIISB
WiDr (human, colon) - ECACC

For information, get in touch with:
IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino
Largo Rosanna Benzi, 10 - I-16132 Genova - Italy
Dott.ssa Paola Visconti

If you want to cite CLDB and HyperCLDB, please use the following reference:

P. Romano, A. Manniello, O. Aresu, M. Armento, M. Cesaro, B. Parodi.
Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines.
Nucleic Acids Research 2009 37(Database issue):D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105