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  P. Romano, A. Manniello et al. Nucl Acids Res 2009 37:D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105

Controlled terms of tumors

Tumor nameNo. of cells Tumor nameNo. of cells
adenocarcinoma156 adenocarcinoma, breast1
adenocarcinoma, bronchioalveolar carcinoma1 adenocarcinoma, colorectal1
adenocarcinoma, ductal1 adenocarcinoma, endometrial2
adenocarcinoma, grade II10 adenocarcinoma, grade III4
adenocarcinoma, grade III, poorly differentiated1 adenocarcinoma, grade III-IV1
adenocarcinoma, grade IV6 adenocarcinoma, non-small cell1
adenocarcinoma, ovary3 adenocarcinoma, pancreas1
adenoma2 adrenal tumor4
astrocytoma2 astrocytoma, anaplastic2
astrocytoma, anaplastic, grade IV2 brain malignant1
brain tumor2 cancer7
carcinoma163 carcinoma, anaplastic1
carcinoma, bronchioalveolar2 carcinoma, bronchogenic large cell3
carcinoma, cervical4 carcinoma, colon1
carcinoma, ductal13 carcinoma, Ehrlich-Lettre ascites1
carcinoma, embryonal1 carcinoma, embryonal pluripotent2
carcinoma, epidermoid8 carcinoma, epidermoid, from metastatic site1
carcinoma, epidermoid, grade III1 carcinoma, epitheloid21
carcinoma, follicular3 carcinoma, hepatocellular17
carcinoma, large cell2 carcinoma, Lewis lung2
carcinoma, lung small cell3 carcinoma, medullary2
carcinoma, mucoepidermoid2 carcinoma, non small cell2
carcinoma, oat cell1 carcinoma, small cell18
carcinoma, squamous cell32 carcinoma, transitional cell1
carcinoma, undifferentiated5 chondrosarcoma3
choriocarcinoma4 colorectal adenocarcinoma3
cystoadenocarcinoma2 ependimoblastoma2
epithelioma2 erythremia acute1
erythroleukemia12 erythroleukemia, Friend1
erythroleukemia, lymphoblast1 fibrosarcoma27
glial tumor5 glioblastoma14
glioblastoma multiforme3 glioblastoma-astrocytoma7
glioblastoma-astrocytoma, grade III1 glioma10
hepatoma48 hepatoma, Alexander cells1
hepatoma, BW77561 hepatoma, H-35 Reuber1
heterohybridoma2 heteromyeloma2
histiocytoma1 hybridoma60
hybridoma, B cell7 hypernephroma1
insulinoma1 islet tumor9
leiomyoblastoma1 leiomyosarcoma1
leiomyosarcoma grade III1 leukemia9
leukemia, acute lymphoblastic18 leukemia, acute lymphoblastic pre-B cell1
leukemia, acute lymphoblastic T cell9 leukemia, acute megakaryoblastic2
leukemia, acute monocytic10 leukemia, acute myelogenous1
leukemia, acute myeloid16 leukemia, acute myelomonocytic3
leukemia, B cell2 leukemia, B-prolymphocytic1
leukemia, basophilic5 leukemia, chronic myeloid28
leukemia, chronic, B cell4 leukemia, eosinophilic1
leukemia, Friend13 leukemia, granulocytic or myelocytic2
leukemia, hairy cell2 leukemia, lymphocytic7
leukemia, megakaryoblastic2 leukemia, monocytic3
leukemia, monocytic-macrophage2 leukemia, myeloblastic1
leukemia, myelogenous1 leukemia, myeloid4
leukemia, myelomonocytic6 leukemia, plasma cell3
leukemia, pre-B cell8 leukemia, promyelocytic15
leukemia, subacute1 leukemia, T cell23
leukemia,acute promyelocytic1 lung cancer1
lymphoid neoplasm5 lymphoma21
lymphoma, B cell9 lymphoma, Burkitt46
lymphoma, cutaneous, T cell3 lymphoma, follicular, B cell2
lymphoma, histiocytic13 lymphoma, Hodgkin5
lymphoma, lymphoblastic6 lymphoma, lymphoblastic, T cell1
lymphoma, T cell4 lymphoma, thymic4
lymphosarcoma6 malignant melanoma9
mammary tumor5 mastocytoma6
medulloblastoma3 melanoma65
melanoma, amelanotic2 melanoma, melanotic3
melanoma, metastatic4 melanoma, uveal2
mesothelioma4 metastatic neuroblastoma, stage IV1
monocyte tumor2 monocyte-macrophage tumor1
multiple myeloma8 myelodysplastic syndrome1
myeloma43 nervous tissue glial tumor4
nervous tissue neuronal tumor1 neurinoma1
neuroblastoma72 neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid3
neuroblastoma x root ganglion neuron hybrid3 not defined tumor10
oligodendroglioma3 osteomyeloma1
osteosarcoma25 pancreatic tumor3
papilloma, transitional cell2 pheochromocytoma6
pituitary adenoma1 pituitary tumor8
plasmacytoma5 plasmacytoma, B cell1
premalignant2 retinoblastoma6
rhabdomyosarcoma8 rhabdomyosarcoma, alveolar4
rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal9 sarcoma26
sarcoma, epitheloid2 sarcoma, Ewing's5
sarcoma, histiocytic cell2 sarcoma, Jensen1
sarcoma, osteogenic8 sarcoma, reticulum cell1
schwannoma1 teratocarcinoma16
testicular tumor6 thymoma7
tumor3 unspecified tissue2
Wilms' tumor1

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If you want to cite CLDB and HyperCLDB, please use the following reference:

P. Romano, A. Manniello, O. Aresu, M. Armento, M. Cesaro, B. Parodi.
Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines.
Nucleic Acids Research 2009 37(Database issue):D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105