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For information, get in touch with: Dott.ssa Paola Visconti
  P. Romano, A. Manniello et al. Nucl Acids Res 2009 37:D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105

Short description of ICLC cell lines included in HyperCLDB

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1301 (human, Caucasian, blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic T cell)
293 (human, kidney, embryonic)
293T (human, kidney, embryonic)
380 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, pre-B cell)
3T3 (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
5637 (human, Caucasian, bladder, carcinoma)
8305C (human, thyroid, carcinoma, undifferentiated)
92.1 (human, uvea, melanoma)
A-172 (human, glioblastoma)
A-204 (human, muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma)
A-498 (human, kidney, adenocarcinoma)
A-704 (human, kidney, adenocarcinoma)
A2058 (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma, metastatic)
A2780 (human, ovary, adenocarcinoma)
A549 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma)
A8/DI (mouse, AKR, thymus, thymoma)
AC (human, blood)
ACHN (human, Caucasian, kidney, adenocarcinoma)
ACN (human, neuroblastoma)
AF-2 clone 9B5 (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, B cells x myeloma, myeloma)
AKR/11-D (mouse, AKR/J, thymus)
AKR/12B-1 (mouse, AKR/J, thymus)
AKR/12B-2 (mouse, AKR/J, thymus)
AKR/12B-3 (mouse, AKR/J, thymus)
AKR/13B (mouse, AKR/J, thymus)
AKR/14C (mouse, AKR/J, thymus)
ALL-PO (human, bone marrow, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)
AMALA (human, lymphocyte, B)
B104 (rat, BDIX, brain, neuroblastoma)
B104-1-1 (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
B16-F10 (mouse, C57BL/6, melanoma)
B1647 (human, bone marrow, leukemia)
B3/AN (mouse, AKR, thymus, thymoma)
B9 (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, B cells x myeloma, hybridoma)
B95.8 (monkey, marmoset, lymphocyte, B)
BAE-1 (bovine, aorta, endothelium)
BALB/3T3 clone A31 (mouse, mus musculus, embryo)
Bat lung (bat, lung)
BICR 18 (human, larynx, carcinoma, squamous cell)
BOB (human, lymphocyte, B)
BPH-1 (human, prostate)
BRL-3A (rat, buffalo, liver)
BT-474 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
BT-549 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
BV-173 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, pre-B cell)
BV-2 (mouse, C57BL/6, brain, microglial cells)
BxPC3 (human, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
C2-Rev7 (rat, hepatoma)
C33A (human, Caucasian, cervix, carcinoma)
C6 (rat, glial tumor)
CA46 (human, ascitic fluid, lymphoma, Burkitt)
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
Caki-2 (human, Caucasian, kidney, carcinoma)
CALOGERO (human, lymphocyte, B)
Calu-1 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, epidermoid, grade III)
Calu-6 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, anaplastic)
CAS-1 (human, glioblastoma)
CaSki (human, Caucasian, cervix, carcinoma, epidermoid, from metastatic site)
CEINGE CLONE 3 (rat, Sprague-Dawley, brain)
Cf2Th (dog, thymus)
CFPAC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, adenocarcinoma, ductal)
CHO (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHO-K1 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHO-SSR1 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CHO-SSR2 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
CM-S/Tum (human, bone marrow)
CM-S/un (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, monocyte tumor)
COLO 205 (human, Caucasian, colon, colorectal adenocarcinoma)
COLO 320DMF (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 699N (human, lung, adenocarcinoma)
COLO 741 (human, colon, carcinoma)
COLO 800 (human, subcutaneous nodule, melanoma)
COLO 853 (human, lymph node, melanoma)
COLO 858 (human, lymph node, melanoma)
COR-L23 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, large cell)
COS-1 (monkey, African green, kidney)
COS-7 (monkey, African green, kidney)
CTLL-2 (mouse, C57BL/6, lymphocyte, T)
DAUDI (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
DBTRG-05MG (human, brain, glioblastoma multiforme)
DH82 (dog, golden retriever, monocyte-macrophage)
DLD-1 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma)
DMS-79 (human, lung, pleural effusion, carcinoma, small cell)
DOHH2 (human, lymphoma, follicular, B cell)
DU-145 (human, Caucasian, prostate, carcinoma)
E.Derm (horse, dermis)
F9 (mouse, 129, testis, teratocarcinoma)
FAO (rat, liver, hepatoma, H-35 Reuber)
FTC-133 (human, thyroid, carcinoma, follicular)
FTC-238 (human, thyroid, carcinoma, follicular)
G-361 (human, skin, melanoma)
GDM-1 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute myelomonocytic)
GF-D8 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute myeloid)
GH3 (rat, Wistar-Furth, pituitary tumor)
GH4-C1 (rat, Wistar-Furth, pituitary adenoma)
GI-ME-N (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, metastatic neuroblastoma, stage IV)
GPE 86 (mouse, NIH Swiss, kidney, embryonic)
GS-9L (rat, glioma)
H-EMC-SS (human, chondrosarcoma)
H9 (human, Caucasian, lymphocyte, T, lymphoma)
HCT-116 (human, colon, carcinoma)
HCT-15 (human, colon, colorectal adenocarcinoma)
HCT-8 (human, intestine, ileocecal, adenocarcinoma)
HECV (human, Caucasian, umbilical cord)
HEL 92.1.7 (human, Caucasian, erythroleukemia)
HeLa (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa 382 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa 422 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa 432 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa S3 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
Hep G2 (human, Caucasian, liver, carcinoma, hepatocellular)
Hepa 1-clc7 (mouse, C57L, liver, hepatoma, BW7756)
HFFF2 (human, Caucasian, foreskin, fetal)
HGC-27 (human, stomach, carcinoma, undifferentiated)
HL-60 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HOS (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
Hs 578T (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma)
Hs913T (human, Caucasian, fibrosarcoma)
HT 1197 (human, Caucasian, bladder, carcinoma)
HT-1080 (human, Caucasian, acetabulum, fibrosarcoma)
HT-29 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade II)
HTC (rat, buffalo, ascitic fluid, hepatoma)
HuP-T3 (human, Japanese, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
HuP-T4 (human, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
HUVEC (human, endothelium)
IM-9 (human, bone marrow)
IMR-32 (human, Caucasian, neuroblastoma)
IMR-5 (human, Caucasian, neuroblastoma)
IST-EBV-TW1.1 (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW1.2 (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW2.1 (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW2.2 (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW3.1 (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW3.2 (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW4A (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW4B (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW5A (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW5B (human, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW6A (human, Caucasian, lymphocyte, B)
IST-EBV-TW6B (human, Caucasian, lymphocyte, B)
IST-MEL1 (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma)
IST-MEL2 (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma)
IST-MEL3 (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma)
IST-MELA 16 (human, subcutaneous metastasis, melanoma, metastatic)
IST-MES1 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, mesothelioma)
IST-MES2 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, mesothelioma)
IST-SL1 (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
IST-SL2 (human, lung, carcinoma, small cell)
J774A.1 (mouse, BALB/c, monocyte-macrophage, monocyte-macrophage tumor)
JM2 (rat, Fisher 344, liver, hepatoma)
JTC-27 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
K-562 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, leukemia, myelogenous)
KARPAS-422 (human, lymphoma, follicular, B cell)
KYSE-30 (human, Asiatic, oesophagus, carcinoma, squamous cell)
L1210 (mouse, DBA/2, ascitic fluid, leukemia, lymphocytic)
L6C5 (rat, skeletal muscle)
L6H2 (rat)
L929 (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
LB-B7 (human, lymphocyte, B, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria)
LB-F9 (human, lymphocyte, B, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria)
LB4 (human, lymphocyte, B, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria)
LNCap.FGC (human, Caucasian, prostate, adenocarcinoma)
LoVo (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
LS-180 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, colorectal)
LTK- (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
M-07e (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute megakaryoblastic)
Mab 62B1-PC (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, B cells x myeloma, hybridoma)
Mab 8A-PC (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, B cells x myeloma, hybridoma)
Mab 8F6-PC (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, B cells x myeloma, hybridoma)
McA-RH7777 (rat, buffalo, liver, hepatoma)
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCF7-382 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCF7-422 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCF7-432 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCF7-488X1 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCF7-490X1 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCF7-492X1 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MDA-MB-231 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MDA-MB-415 (human, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MDA-MB-435S (human, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
MDA-MB-436 (human, Caucasian, mammary gland, adenocarcinoma, breast)
MDA-MB-453 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma)
MDA-MB-468 (human, Black, breast, adenocarcinoma)
ME-180 (human, Caucasian, cervix, carcinoma, epidermoid)
MeCo 05 (human, skin, melanoma)
MEG-01 (human, bone marrow, leukemia, megakaryoblastic)
MEGR 07 (human, Caucasian, metastatic cutaneous nodule, melanoma)
MEL 290 (human, uvea, melanoma, uveal)
MeMo 05 (human, lymph node, metastasis, melanoma)
MEMOR 06 (human, subcutaneous metastasis, malignant melanoma)
MES-SA (human, Caucasian, uterus, sarcoma)
MEWO (human, malignant melanoma)
MG-1361 (mouse, CD-1 transgenic, mammary gland, adenocarcinoma)
MG-63 (human, osteosarcoma)
MH1C1 (rat, liver, hepatoma)
MiCl1 (S+L-) (mustela vison (mink), lung, fetal)
MOLT-4 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, T cell)
MONO-MAC-6 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute monocytic)
MPP 89 (human, pleural effusion, mesothelioma)
MRC-5 (human, lung, fetal)
MSTO-211H (human, Caucasian, mesothelioma)
MTP-GFP (mouse, CD-1 transgenic, mammary gland, adenocarcinoma)
Mv1Lu (mustela vison (mink), lung, fetal)
NCI-H1650 (human, Caucasian, lung, adenocarcinoma, bronchioalveolar carcinoma)
NCI-H1975 (human, lung, adenocarcinoma, non-small cell)
NCI-H292 (human, Black, lung, carcinoma, mucoepidermoid)
NCI-H727 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma, non small cell)
Neuro-2A (mouse, albino, neuroblastoma)
NIH 3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss, embryo)
NT2-D1 (human, Caucasian, testis, carcinoma, embryonal pluripotent)
NULLI-SCC1 (mouse, 129/SV, testis, teratocarcinoma)
OCI-AML2 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute myeloid)
P19 (mouse, C3H/He, embryo, teratocarcinoma)
P388.D1 (clone 3124) (mouse, lymphoid, lymphoid neoplasm)
P3X63Ag8 (mouse, BALB/c, lymphoblast, myeloma)
P3X63Ag8U.1 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
PA-1 (human, Caucasian, ovary, teratocarcinoma)
PA317 (mouse, NIH Swiss, embryo)
PC-12 (rat, adrenal, pheochromocytoma)
PC-3 (human, Caucasian, prostate, adenocarcinoma, grade IV)
PF-382 (human, pleural effusion, leukemia, T cell)
PF97387 (human, lymphocyte, B)
PG-4 (S+L-) (cat, brain, fetal)
PSN1 (human, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
RAJI (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RAW 264.7 (mouse, BALB/c, macrophage)
RBL-1 (rat, Wistar, peripheral blood, leukemia, basophilic)
Rj2.2.5 (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
RO82-W-1 (human, thyroid, carcinoma, follicular)
ROV-S (human, Caucasian, bone marrow)
RPMI 7932 (human, skin, melanoma)
RRAm1 (rat, skin, fibroblast)
RT-1 (rat, Lewis, fibrosarcoma)
S+L-CAT2 (cat)
Saos-2 (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
SC-1 (mouse, embryo)
SH-SY5Y (human, Caucasian, neuroblastoma)
SHM-D33 (mouse / human, hybrid, heteromyeloma)
SiHa (human, Japanese, cervix, carcinoma, squamous cell)
SIRC (rabbit, cornea)
SK-BR-3 (human, breast, adenocarcinoma)
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver, adenocarcinoma)
SK-LU-1 (human, Caucasian, lung, adenocarcinoma, grade III, poorly differentiated)
SK-MEL-24 (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma)
SK-MEL-28 (human, skin, melanoma)
SK-MEL-5 (human, Caucasian, skin, melanoma)
SK-MES-1 (human, lung, carcinoma, squamous cell)
SK-N-AS (human, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-BE(2) (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-BE(2)-C (human, bone marrow, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-F1 (human, neuroblastoma)
SK-N-SH (human, Caucasian, neuroblastoma)
SR-4987 (mouse, BDF/1, bone marrow, stromal cells)
SUP-T1 (human, Caucasian, lymphoma, lymphoblastic, T cell)
SW1353 (human, Caucasian, bone, chondrosarcoma)
SW48 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade IV)
SW480 (human, colon, adenocarcinoma, grade III-IV)
SW620 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
SW837 (human, Caucasian, rectum, adenocarcinoma, grade IV)
T47D (human, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
T84 (human, colon, carcinoma)
TE671 Subline No.2 (human, Caucasian, rhabdomyosarcoma)
TF-1 (human, bone marrow, erythroleukemia)
THP-1 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute monocytic)
THP-1 h (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute monocytic)
THP-1 l (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute monocytic)
TT (human, thyroid, carcinoma, medullary)
U-2 OS (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
U-251 MG (human, Caucasian, glioblastoma-astrocytoma, grade III)
U-937 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, lymphoma, histiocytic)
U87 MG (human, Caucasian, brain, glioblastoma-astrocytoma)
U87/DK (human, brain, glioblastoma)
U87/WT (human, brain, glioblastoma)
UPMM 3 (human, uvea, melanoma, uveal)
V-79 (hamster, Chinese, lung, fibroblast)
VA-ES-BJ (human, skin, sarcoma, epitheloid)
Vero (monkey, African green, kidney)
WEHI-164 (mouse, BALB/c, fibrosarcoma)
WEHI-3B (mouse, BALB/c, monocyte, leukemia, myelomonocytic)
WEHI-3B/CPX (mouse, BALB/c, monocyte, leukemia, myelomonocytic)
WiDr (human, colon, colorectal adenocarcinoma)
WOP (mouse, embryo)
XC (rat, Wistar, sarcoma)
Y79 (human, Caucasian, retinoblastoma)
ZR-75-1 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma, ductal)

For information, get in touch with:
IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino
Largo Rosanna Benzi, 10 - I-16132 Genova - Italy
Dott.ssa Paola Visconti

If you want to cite CLDB and HyperCLDB, please use the following reference:

P. Romano, A. Manniello, O. Aresu, M. Armento, M. Cesaro, B. Parodi.
Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines.
Nucleic Acids Research 2009 37(Database issue):D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105