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For information, get in touch with: Dott.ssa Paola Visconti
  P. Romano, A. Manniello et al. Nucl Acids Res 2009 37:D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105

Short description of cell lines
Tissue/organ: embryo

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311 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
3611 MSV (4070A) (mouse) - NAUBP
3T3 (mouse, Swiss albino) - ICLC
3T3 (mouse, Swiss albino) - IZSBS
3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c) - ECACC
3T3 L1 (mouse, Swiss albino) - ECACC
3T3 L1 (mouse, Swiss albino) - IZSBS
3T3 NIH TK- (mouse, NIH Swiss) - MWIIW
3T3 Swiss Albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - ECACC
3T3-L1 (mouse, Swiss albino) - MIECC
3T3-MSV (mouse, Swiss 3T3) - ECACC
3T3-SV40 (mouse, Swiss) - SPBIC
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - CHIBC
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - GEIAP
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - MIUBH
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - MIUEM
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - RMEBA
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - SPBIC
3T3B-SV40 (mouse, BALB/c) - SPBIC
3T6 (mouse, Swiss albino) - IZSBS
3T6-Swiss Albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - ECACC
3T6-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino) - SPBIC
67j25D (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
75e7vg2 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
75j23pe34 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
79f7Dv3g (Drosophila, virilis) - MWIGG
94022802 (tick - hyalomma anatolicum, ludhiana) - ECACC
AKR-2B (mouse, AKR) - ECACC
Ampli-GPE (mouse, NIH Swiss) - ECACC
B104-1-1 (mouse, Swiss albino) - ICLC
B2-1 (mouse, BALB/c) - IZSBS
BALB 3T12-3 (mouse, BALB/c) - IZSBS
BALB 3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c) - IZSBS
BALB/3T12-3 (mouse, BALB/c) - ECACC
BALB/3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c) - BOUCN
BALB/3T3 clone A31 (mouse, mus musculus) - ICLC
BALB/3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c) - MWIIW
BALB/3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c) - SPBIC
Balb/C MSV (AP129) (mouse, BALB/c) - NAUBP
BS1-B4 (mouse, Swiss albino) - ECACC
C3H/10T1/2 clone 8 (mouse, C3H) - RMEBA
C3H/10T1/2 clone 8 (mouse, C3H) - SPBIC
C3H/MCA clone 16 (mouse, C3H) - ECACC
C57SV (mouse, C57BL/6) - BOUCN
CEF (chicken) - BGEBS
CGR8 (mouse, 129) - ECACC
CHSE 214 (fish - salmon) - IZSBS
CHSE-214 (fish - salmon) - ECACC
CL-1 (hamster, Chinese) - RMEBA
CSE 119 (fish - salmon) - IZSBS
D2 (Drosophila) - ECACC
DFK3 (rat) - SPBIC
Dh 14 (Drosophila, hydei) - MWIGG
Dh 33 (Drosophila, hydei) - MWIGG
DH14 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
DH15 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
DH33 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
Duck Embryo (duck, Pekin) - ECACC
Duck embryo (duck, Pekin) - IZSBS
EL 2 (rat, Fisher) - VRUCB
F9 (mouse, 129/SV, teratocarcinoma) - ECACC
FEA4 + PFSC/C1 (cat, domestic) - ECACC
FEL (rabbit) - ECACC
FER (cat, domestic) - ECACC
G 2 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
GM2 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
ICR-2A (grass frog) - ECACC
K-BALB (K-234) (mouse, BALB/c) - ECACC
KC (Drosophila) - ECACC
KcO (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
M-MSV-BALB/3T3 (mouse, BALB/c) - BOUCN
M-MSV-BALB/3T3 (mouse, BALB/c) - ECACC
MB-03C4 (Agrothis segetum) - MWIGG
MB-03C5-688 (Agrothis segetum) - MWIGG
MOP-8 (mouse) - ECACC
MSVIF-TK+ (mouse, BALB/c) - ECACC
NCTC 4093 (mouse, C57B1/KaLw) - ECACC
Neopu (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
NIH 3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - ECACC
NIH 3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - ICLC
NIH EGFR-T17 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - MIUBH
NIH-3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - DSMZ
NIH-3T3 4-2 (mouse) - ECACC
NIH-3T3D4 (mouse) - ECACC
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - BGEBS
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - CHIBC
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - MIUBH
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - MWIIW
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - NAUBP
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - PNIOS
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - SPBIC
OMEGA-E (mouse, NIH Swiss) - DSMZ
OrR (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
P1 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
P19 (mouse, C3H/He, teratocarcinoma) - ICLC
P2 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
P4 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - ECACC
PA1-CEF (chicken) - BGEBS
PA317 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - ICLC
PSA1 (mouse, SIM, teratocarcinoma) - ECACC
PSA1-NG2 (mouse, SIM, teratocarcinoma) - ECACC
PSI 2 BAG alpha (mouse, NIH Swiss) - SPBIC
PSI-2 (mouse, NIH Swiss) - DSMZ
Py 1-18 MuLV (mouse) - NAUBP
RAT-2 (rat) - ECACC
Rat2 (rat, Fisher) - MIISA
Rat2 (rat, Fisher) - SPBIC
S2 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - MWIGG
SC-1 (mouse) - ECACC
SC-1 (mouse) - ICLC
SCHNEIDER-2 (Drosophila, melanogaster) - DSMZ
SHOK (hamster, Syrian) - ECACC
SSE 5 (fish - trout) - IZSBS
STO (mouse, SIM) - ANIIR
STO (mouse, SIM) - IZSBS
SV-T2 (mouse, BALB/c) - BOUCN
SV-T2 (mouse, BALB/c) - ECACC
SV-T2 (mouse, BALB/c) - IZSBS
SV3T3B (mouse, SIM) - ECACC
Swiss-3T3 (mouse, Swiss) - MIISB
TWERC (rat, Wistar) - MWIIW
WOP (mouse) - ICLC

For information, get in touch with:
IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino
Largo Rosanna Benzi, 10 - I-16132 Genova - Italy
Dott.ssa Paola Visconti

If you want to cite CLDB and HyperCLDB, please use the following reference:

P. Romano, A. Manniello, O. Aresu, M. Armento, M. Cesaro, B. Parodi.
Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines.
Nucleic Acids Research 2009 37(Database issue):D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105