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  P. Romano, A. Manniello et al. Nucl Acids Res 2009 37:D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105

Short description of cell lines
Institute of Cytology, Russian Animal Cell Culture Collection
Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia

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2211 (rat, glioma)
293 (human, kidney, embryonic)
35 (rat, glioma)
3T3-SV40 (mouse, Swiss, embryo)
3T3-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
3T3B-SV40 (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
3T6-Swiss albino (mouse, Swiss albino, embryo)
A-431 (human, skin, carcinoma, squamous cell)
A238 (hamster, Chinese, lung)
A549 (human, Caucasian, lung, carcinoma)
A7 (mouse, C57W, muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma)
A9 (mouse, C3H/An, areolar and adipose)
AsPC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
AUBEK (bovine, kidney, embryonic)
B14-150 (hamster, Chinese, peritoneal cells, fibrosarcoma)
BALB/3T3 clone A31 (mouse, BALB/c, embryo)
BGM (monkey, African green, kidney)
BHK-21 clone 13 (hamster, golden Syrian, kidney)
BT-20 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma)
BT-474 (human, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
BWTG3 (mouse, liver, hepatoma)
C2C12 (mouse, C3H, muscle)
C3H/10T1/2 clone 8 (mouse, C3H, embryo)
C6 (rat, glial tumor)
Caco-2 (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
Capan-2 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, adenocarcinoma)
CCRF-SB (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)
CHO-K1 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
COLO 320HSR (human, Caucasian, colon, adenocarcinoma)
CV-1 (monkey, African green, kidney)
Daudi (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
DFK3 (rat, embryo)
DXB-11 (hamster, Chinese, ovary)
EL4 (mouse, C57BL/6N, ascitic fluid, lymphoma, lymphoblastic)
EPNT-5 (mouse, ependimoblastoma)
F9 (mouse, 129/SV, testis, teratocarcinoma)
FBT (bovine, trachea, embryonic)
FHM (fish - minnow, skin)
FLC clone 745 (mouse, DBA/2, erythroleukemia)
FLC clone M2 (mouse, DBA/2, erythroleukemia, Friend)
GH3 (rat, Wistar-Furth, pituitary tumor)
GIRARDI HEART (human, heart)
Hak (hamster, Syrian, kidney)
HBL-100 (human, Caucasian, breast, cancer)
HeLa M (human, cervix, carcinoma)
HeLa S3 (human, Black, cervix, carcinoma, epitheloid)
HeLa TK- (human, cervix, carcinoma)
Hep G2 (human, Caucasian, liver, carcinoma, hepatocellular)
HEp-2 (human, Caucasian, larynx, carcinoma, squamous cell)
HL-60 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, leukemia, promyelocytic)
HN (human, kidney, hypernephroma)
HOS (TE85, Clone F5) (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
Hs 578T (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma, ductal)
HT-1080 (human, Caucasian, acetabulum, fibrosarcoma)
HTC (rat, buffalo, ascitic fluid, hepatoma)
HuTu 80 (human, duodenum, adenocarcinoma)
IM-9 (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, multiple myeloma)
IMR-32 (human, Caucasian, neuroblastoma)
Indian Muntjac (muntjac, skin, fibroblast)
JF1 (rat, sarcoma, Jensen)
JURKAT (human, leukemia, T cell)
K-562 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, leukemia, chronic myeloid)
K22 (rat, fibroblast)
K29 (rat, fibroblast)
KB (human, Caucasian, mouth, carcinoma, squamous cell)
KG-1 (human, Caucasian, bone marrow, leukemia, acute myeloid)
L-M(TK-,APRT-) (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
L1210 (mouse, DBA/2, ascitic fluid, leukemia, lymphocytic)
L6 (rat, muscle)
L6J1 (rat, muscle)
L8 (rat, muscle)
LLC-MK2 (monkey, rhesus, kidney)
LS1 (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
MCF7 (human, Caucasian, breast, adenocarcinoma)
MCH-7 (MX-7) (mouse, C3H, muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma)
MCH-82 (MX-82) (mouse, DBA/2, muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma)
MDBK (NBL-1) (bovine, kidney)
MDCK (NBL-2) (dog, cocker spaniel, kidney)
MG-63 (human, bone, osteosarcoma)
MH-22a (mouse, C3H, liver, hepatoma)
MIA PaCa-2 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, carcinoma)
MOLT-3 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic T cell)
MOLT-4 (human, lymphocyte, T, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)
MRC-5 (human, lung, embryonic)
MT-4 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, T cell)
Mv 1 Lu (NBL-7) (mustela vison (mink), lung)
NAMALWA (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
NB41A3 (mouse, neuroblastoma)
NC-37 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood, lymphoblast)
NCTC clone 929 (mouse, C3H/An, connective)
Neuro-2a (mouse, albino, neuroblastoma)
NIH/3T3 (mouse, NIH Swiss, embryo)
NRK-49F (rat, kidney)
NS0/1 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
OKP-GS (human, kidney, carcinoma)
P-815 (mouse, DBA/2, mastocytoma)
P3/NS1/1-Ag4-1(NS-1) (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
P388D1 (mouse, DBA/2, lymphoid neoplasm)
P3X63Ag8.653 (mouse, BALB/c, myeloma)
PA-1 (human, Caucasian, ovary, teratocarcinoma)
PA317 (mouse, NIH Swiss, fibroblast)
PANC-1 (human, Caucasian, pancreas, carcinoma)
PCC4 aza1 (mouse, 129, testis, teratocarcinoma)
PK(15) (pig, kidney)
PSI 2 BAG alpha (mouse, NIH Swiss, embryo)
Pt K1 (NBL-3) (marsupial - potoroo, kidney)
Raji (human, Black, lymphoma, Burkitt)
Rat2 (rat, Fisher, embryo)
RBL-1 (rat, leukemia, basophilic)
RD (human, Caucasian, muscle, rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal)
RK13 (rabbit, kidney)
RLC (rat, lymphosarcoma)
RPMI 1788 (human, Caucasian, peripheral blood)
RPMI 2650 (human, nasal septum, carcinoma, squamous cell)
RPMI 8226 (human, peripheral blood, myeloma)
RTG-2 (fish - trout, rainbow, gonad)
SIRC (rabbit, cornea)
SK-HEP-1 (human, Caucasian, liver, adenocarcinoma)
SK-N-MC (human, Caucasian, neuroblastoma)
SK-UT-1B (human, Caucasian, mixed, leiomyosarcoma grade III)
Sp2/0-Ag14 (mouse, BALB/c, hybrid, myeloma)
SPEV (pig, kidney, embryonic)
SV40 tumour (hamster, Syrian, fibrosarcoma)
SW837 (human, Caucasian, rectum-anus, adenocarcinoma, grade IV)
T98 G (human, Caucasian, glioblastoma)
THP-1 (human, peripheral blood, leukemia, acute monocytic)
U-2 OS (human, Caucasian, bone, osteosarcoma)
U-251 MG (human, glioma)
U-343 MGa (human, glioma)
U-937 (human, Caucasian, pleural effusion, lymphoma, histiocytic)
V79 (hamster, Chinese, lung)
Vero (monkey, African green, kidney)
VERO 76 (monkey, African green, kidney)
WEHI 164 (mouse, BALB/c, fibrosarcoma)
WEHI-3 (mouse, BALB/c, monocyte, leukemia, monocytic)
WI-38 VA13 subline 2RA (human, Caucasian, lung, embryonic)
XCp (rat, sarcoma)
YAC-1 (mouse, A/Sn, lymphoma)
ZR-75-1 (human, Caucasian, breast, carcinoma)

For information, get in touch with:
IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino
Largo Rosanna Benzi, 10 - I-16132 Genova - Italy
Dott.ssa Paola Visconti

If you want to cite CLDB and HyperCLDB, please use the following reference:

P. Romano, A. Manniello, O. Aresu, M. Armento, M. Cesaro, B. Parodi.
Cell Line Data Base: structure and recent improvements towards molecular authentication of human cell lines.
Nucleic Acids Research 2009 37(Database issue):D925-D932.
DOI: doi:10.1093/nar/gkn730; PMID: 18927105