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Welcome to the upload area of biowep.

Warning! This page has not been maintained and may not work as expected

From here, you can upload your workflows for inclusion in biowep. Inclusion will not be automatic: you will receive an email confirming your submission, then the workflow will be tested and you will be informed about its inclusion later.

You are welcome to submit your preferred workflows for inclusion in our repository of workflows for bioinformatics.
Please note that we can only add workflows that are written either in the Scufl or XPDL formats. For more information, please refer to the following links:

Workflows won't be added to our system automatically, instead we will test and annotate them before insertion. Although we will do our best for keeping acceptation times short, we cannot guarantee that we will insert them in a given time.
You will be informed about their acceptation and again when they will be available in the biowep portal, that is freely accessible at

In order to submit your workflows, you must first register to the portal.
You can do it now: click here.
You will then be able to acces the upload area in a few minutes (just wait for a small script to be run by cron....).

If you have already registered, you can access the upload area now.