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a Workflow Enactment Portal for Bioinformatics

Welcome to the download area of biowep.

Warning! This page has not been maintained and may not work as expected

From here, you can download the current version of biowep.

You have the following compressed archives:

  • the core archive, including all files needed to install a biowep portal on your machine, provided you have fullfilled software pre-requisities. In this archive you won't find any workflow definition.

  • the workflow archive, including a set of workflows currently available in our portal.

  • The Workflow Repository Manager, to support user administration of workflow files and data stored inside biowep database.
    Download biowep.admin.1.1.rar package if you want to use a web interface granting you an easy access to new workflow uploading, annotation and managing tools.
    Java administration classes (sourcecode) available here, you DON'T need this package to run biowep!

You also have the following compressed dumps:

  • the dump files: database and basicdata. These files provide the sql instructions to set up database structure and tables with the basic data.

  • the workflow data dump, including data on the description and annotation of workflows that are available in the archive mentioned above.

In order to download these archives, you must be registered by our portal.

If you have already registered, you can access the download area now.