Icarus Class: SrsField
The abstract description of a data-field. The definition is independent from a certain data bank and must be referenced from each field definition of a library format. The purpose of this object is to allow specification of equivalent data-fields among different databanks (eg, 'author name' or 'creation date').
  Short name (abbreviation) of data-field type.
name Attribute may stay unnamed in attribute list.Attribute value must be specified.
  Short name of data-field type.
is DataType  
  Field descriptors may optionally point to a data type which links any data bank with a field of this type to a list of applications which operate on the linked data type.
pargroup  Attribute has a default value. 100000
  Parameter group.
  Use one of the following values. show header id str link num real group
  The type of the field type. At the moment only 'header' is used. The other types should be used to enforce a certain type on all the library fields referencing them.
isGroup  Attribute has a default value. no
  Use one of the following values. no yes
  Field type can be single ('no') or group of other field types ('yes')
group SrsField  
  Pointer to the field type group.
guiInfo GuiField  
  GuiField type to be used. Choose from the names defined for the GuiField class.
  Global parameter containing the format selection for field
format Attribute is multivalued (list). FieldFormat  
  Defined format to be used for output of this field.