Icarus Class: FileType
Describes a flat file type (i.e. refers to the file extension, e.g .pdb). Databanks may have more than one flat file type, eg, databanks in PIR or GCG with 'ref'-files containing the sequence annotation and 'seq'-files with the sequence.
name Attribute may stay unnamed in attribute list. Attribute has a default value. text
  Symbolic name of the file.
  File extension name.
  A search string used for finding all files in the specified directory (only for file per entry databanks). Any number of wildcards ('*' - matches all, '?' matches all single character) may be used.
maxline  Attribute has a default value. 132
fipVar  Attribute has a default value. entryFip
  Name of the Icarus variable containing the file address of the entry begin.
shareWith FileType  
  The file type can be only logical and the actual file object shared with another file type. It is to pretend that input comes from two different files where in fact it doesn't.'
fieldTokens  Attribute has a default value. fields
  Name of the token table that has one token for each data-field of the entry.
saveName  Attribute has a default value. none
  Use one of the following values. none file name path
  For databanks where each entry resides in a separate file where the file name cannot be inferred from the entry name. Option to request the whole or part of the file name to be saved in the IDX index.
  Max. length of the name saved according to 'saveName'.
singleEntry  Attribute has a default value. n
  Use one of the following values. y n
  Selects a file has only one single entry.
pipe  Attribute has a default value.
  Format string (printf style) to create a command for processing the entry file before reading (eg, 'uncompress %%s').