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Description The sequence length is calculated by reading the sequence. Some libraries (EMBL, SWISSPROT) have the length also in the first entry line so to display the sequence length in these libraries, select the ID field.

Note that ranges can be combined: "300:!500 | !600:700" or "300:700 ! 500:600" retrieve the same set of sequences, namely all sequences from 300 to 500, excluding 500, plus sequences from 600 to 700 where the 600 is excluded.

Data-fields in SRS
Databank Name Print Name Short Name Type No. of Keys No. of Entry References Indexing Date Status
MOLPROBE SeqLength SeqLength sl num 3 4096 09-Mar-2023 ok
Data Type This is a numeric field. To search for a range of values use ":" to seperate the values, i.e. 300:400 will return all entries where this fields value is between 300 and 400.
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