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  PROTEIN-LIGAND Interaction is a database that describes the interactions that a small molecules (identified by a Het_Id code) perform with target proteins, as observed in PDB complexes.

  If a ligand is selected, all PDB entries in which it appears are shown. The proteins involved are sorted in homology families and the binding pockets and interaction types are compared within each homology family.

  If a PDB code is selected, the ligands found in the PDB entry are identified, and for each of them the comparative analysis of the binding pocket can be carried out as described above.


By ligand:
You can also insert: Chem. formula (C29H31N7O), KEGG codes (D01441), name or synonym (IMATINIB)
By target protein:
You can also insert: UniProt codes (P47934 or CACP_MOUSE) or name (Carnitine)

 Project supported by funding of Regione Liguria - Ministero della Salute