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1. Castrignanò T, Talamo IG, Grillo G, Licciulli F, Gisel A, Liuni S, Mignone F, Pesole G
CSTgrid: a high performance environment for searching "Conserved Sequence Tags"
Meeting: BITS 2005 - Year: 2005
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Topic: Unspecified

Abstract: The explosive growth of the biological data, stimulated by genome projects, has generated a parallel development of efficient computational approaches suitable for several biological research projects. In this area the need of high performance computing is growing, though usually not affordable by computational resources of a single research laboratory. Grid computing addresses this problem by coordinating and unificating several computational resources. To face the problem of searching "Conserved Sequence Tags" (CSTs) between an input DNA sequence, and several whole model genomes a grid framework can provide high performance, high availability and can fairly handle hundreds of concurrent request. Because the size of several whole genomes now exceed the memory capacity of a single machine, it is necessary to spread the search across multiple distributed working hosts to achieve high performance. This also improves the high availability, since the redundancy of the services increases the tolerance to both machine and network failures. This system also guarantees that the same services can be completed by many machines, reaching the ability to perform more requests that a single machine can handle.

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