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1. Andersen C, Magnoni L, Roncarati R, Diodato E, Raggiaschi R, Kremer A, Terstappen GC
The Amyloid-beta toxicity core pathway
Meeting: BITS 2005 - Year: 2005
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Topic: Unspecified

Abstract: Pathway models or protein-protein interaction networks are excellent tools for the drug discovery process. They can be used to identify and select relevant targets to test a disease hypothesis. Combining information from diverse sources (in house experiments as well as literature) potentially transforms protein-protein interaction networks into detailed descriptions of cellular pathways. Interactive diagrams allow the linking of data directly onto the pathway and in this way can be used to integrate all relevant data regarding a protein or pathway entry into one framework. This not only leads to a better understanding of the biological mechanisms of normal and disease processes but also enable scientists to compare data from diverse experimental areas.

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