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1. Cavallo F, Lo Iacono M, Cordero F, Astolfi A, Lollini P, Forni G, Calogero RA
An integrated approach of immunogenomics and bioinformatics to identify new Tumor Associates Antigens (TAA) for mammary cancer immuno-prevention
Meeting: BITS 2005 - Year: 2005
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Topic: Medical Bioinformatics

Abstract: Neoplastic transformation is a multistep process in which gene products of specific regulatory pathways are involved at each stage. Identification of these over-expressed or mutated gene products provides an unprecedented opportunity to address the immune system against defined antigens and eliminate transformed cells. Mice transgenic for these oncogenes (e.g. HER-2/neu, a prototype of deregulated oncogenic protein kinase membrane receptors) are ideal experimental models for assessing the potential of active immunization. The demonstration that vaccines can cure HER-2/neu transplantable tumors, prevent their onset and delay the progression of preneoplastic lesions in mice at risk suggests that efficient immunological inhibition of HER- 2/neu carcinogenesis can be achieved by specific vaccination. Since an important issue of mammary cancer immunoprevention is the definition of a set target genes other that HER-2/neu in order to make broader the coverage of the efficacy of the vaccination we decided to use part of the data previously described by us (Quaglino et al. J. Clical. Invest. 2004; Astolfi et al. Cancer Immunol., Immunot.2005) to identify a set of new putative targets to be used as TAA.

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