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1. Amici R, Bartocci E, Merelli E
A virtual laboratory for simulating metabolic pathways
Meeting: BITS 2004 - Year: 2004
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Abstract: Generally, a biological system consists of interconnected processes cooperating to carry out the global behaviour of the system, by defining functional rules and relationships between the subunits. This kind of processes organization leads to a dynamic system model based on the temporal evolution of its parameters. The difficulty to establish a priori the response to new stimulus from the environment increases the complexity of this kind of systems. Among the great number of biological systems, that we can find in nature, we consider metabolic pathways, that are a collection of enzymatic processes involved in the transformation of several substances. Visiting the KEGG web site1 it’s possible to view the available pathways; we choose to study the citric acid cyclic process drawn in Figure 1 and we propose a virtual laboratory for simulating the behaviour of the selected pathway.

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