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1. Sboner A, Barbareschi M, Dell'Anna R, Demichelis F
Large scale TMA experiments: automation and data management
Meeting: BITS 2004 - Year: 2004
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Abstract: Characterization of gene-expression profiles with DNA microarrays provides a powerful mean to discover disease-related genes, particularly in cancer. It is well known that clinical validation of disease-relates genes, through standard molecular analysis on individual tissue sections needs enormous effort in terms of time and costs. To overcome this problem, the Tissue Microarray (TMA) methodology has been recently developed: a high-throughput technology enabling “genome-scale” molecular pathology studies. In this paper we briefly present our technological platform designed and optimized for the complete management of Tissue Microarrays experiments. Our comprehensive system is very flexible regarding the management of data and it allows a wide range of microarray experiments on different diseases. We also obtained promising new results of biomarker expressions on ovarian and breast cancer, in terms of discrimination of patients’ overall survival and relapse free survival.

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