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1. Merelli E, Romano P, Scortichini L
A Workflow Service for Biomedical Application
Meeting: BITS 2004 - Year: 2004
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Topic: Computer algorithms and applications

Abstract: The proposed work has been developed in the O2I (Oncology over Internet) project context. O2I aims to develop and prototyping an integrated platform suitable to support the biomedical and clinical research during the retrieval, from Internet, and the integration, in a standard format, of both structured and textual information. Usually biomedical researchers interact, step by step, with the Web to query, select and integrate information; during the daily work, a bioscientist would benefit from a powerful tool able to execute queries consisting in several interrelated activities. In this scenario, the biomedical research process can be formulated as a workflow of activities, whose execution must be supported by a suitable middleware. We propose a workflow service agent to support bioscientist during the creation of their own workflows, by also monitoring their execution. In particular, in the O2I context, we are experimenting BioAgent an agent-based middleware developed at Camerino University; the middleware can be configurated by plugging-in agent-services to support the tool/services integration for a specific domain.

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