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1. Facchiano AM, Ammirato G, Chiusano ML, Gallo T, Colonna G
A service for protein and nucleic acid analysis at the CRISCEB web site
Meeting: BIOCOMP 2000 - Year: 2000
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Topic: Services

Abstract: Modern biological sciences need informatic support to manage and analyze the large amount of structural and functional information about proteins and nucleic acids. The availability of databases and analysis tools, as well as the opportunity to have special purpose methods and software represents an undoubtful advantage for any research team. For this purpose, our group maintains a web site ( to support molecular biology research offering public domain bioinformatics software, databases, and developing computational methods for protein and nucleic acid analysis. The SRS - Sequence Retrieval System allows our users to query more than 70 databases. Public domain software are also available (CINEMA, WebMol, Phylodendron). Moreover, we are interested to develop new web tools to meet specific research problems. As an example, we have recently realized a tool to search for helix motifs in protein sequences. Another running project concerns the search for 3D similarities among protein structures. The aim of our work is to integrate all these tools, in order to create a real bioinformatics laboratory on the web.

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