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1. Attimonelli M, Cooper JM, D'Elia D, De Montalvo A, De Robertis M, Lehvaslaiho H, Malladi SB, Memeo F, Stevens K, Schapira AHV, Saccone C
Update of the human mitBASE database
Meeting: BIOCOMP 1999 - Year: 1999
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Topic: Bioinformatics

Abstract: Human MitBASE is a database collecting human mtDNA variants. This database is part of a greater mitochondrial genome database (MitBASE) funded within the EU Biotech Program (1). The present paper reports the recent improvements in data structure, data quality and data quantity. As far as the database structure is concerned it is now fully designed and implemented. Based on the previously described structure (2) some changes have been made to optimise both data input and data quality. Cross-referencings with other bio-databases (EMBL, OMIM, MEDLINE) have been implemented. Human MitBASE data can be queried with the MitBASE Simple Query System ( and with SRS at the EBI under the ìMutationî section ( ). At present the Human MitBASE node contains about 5000 variants related to studies investigating population polymorphisms and pathologies.

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