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P53 Mutant Protein Functional Properties data set 2 (Rel. 14)

Status The current release has 2312 entries and was indexed 17-Feb-2016.

This is the P53 Mutant Protein Functional Properties data set 2 of the IARC TP53 Mutation Database (Rel. 14)

WWW http://www-p53.iarc.fr/index.html
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) TP53 database,
150 Cours Albert Thomas,,
69372 Lyon CEDEX 08, France.

Phone: +33 (0)4 72 73 84 85
Fax : +33 (0)4 72 73 85 75

Data-fields in SRS
Field Name
Short Name
No. of Keys
No. of Entry References
Indexing Date
Protein_description pde id 2312 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
Codon_number cno index 392 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
WAF1 transcriptional activity in yeast assay waf real 1118 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
MDM2 transcriptional activity in yeast assay mdm real 1126 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
BAX transcriptional activity in yeast assay bax real 1257 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
AIP1 transcriptional activity in yeast assay aip real 1004 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
h1433s transcriptional activity in yeast assay h14 real 1122 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
GADD45 transcriptional activity in yeast assay gad real 980 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
NOXA transcriptional activity in yeast assay nox real 1238 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
P53R2 transcriptional activity in yeast assay p5r real 1197 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
WAF1 transcriptional activity in Saos-2 human cell line sa1 real 166 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
MDM2 transcriptional activity in Saos-2 human cell line sa2 real 164 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
BAX transcriptional activity in Saos-2 human cell line sa3 real 147 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
AIP1 transcriptional activity in Saos-2 human cell line sa4 real 156 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
14-3-3sigma transcriptional activity in Saos-2 human cell line sa5 real 168 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
PUMA transcriptional activity in Saos-2 human cell line sa6 real 128 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
Induction of apoptosis by overexpression in Saos-2 cells sa7 real 101 185 17-Feb-2016 ok
Capacity of mutant protein to form oligomer oly index 4 2312 17-Feb-2016 ok
AllText all group 0 0   not indexed
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