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How to search

You can search a cell line by writing its name in the appropriate field and pressing the 'GO!' button. Even if you put only a part of a name, you'll retrieve all the cell line names beginning with the string of characters you entered. You can obtain the same results if you use an asterisk "*" after the string. So if you write "AM" or "AM*" in the cell name field, you'll retrieve AMAI, AMALA, AMBFRA. Remember that the search system is case-sensitive. So "AM" is different from "Am" and you couldn't find anything with this.
You can also retrieve a cell line by inserting data about its serological and molecular phenotype. The asterisk is not a special search character in the molecular phenotype field, so if you write "Cw*0303" you'll find only the cell lines with this phenotype data. Remember that all the fields are related each other with the 'AND' operator by default. So, for example, if you insert "AM" in the cell name field and "A68" in the serological phenotype field, you'll retrieve only AMAI.

Have a good search!

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